We offer menus each week for families that live the Paleo lifestyle. Each menu is geared toward families with busy schedules, and kids that may miss eating processed foods. Our menus include meals with fewer ingredients that can be prepared ahead of time, cooked in the crockpot, or multiples can be made for several days of meals. We try to replace the traditional foods kids miss, with Paleo alternatives that taste just like the real thing!

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Weekly Menu

Each weekly menu arrives on Wednesday so you have time to shop for groceries and plan your next week. Meals are scheduled for each day taking into account seasonality of the foods, leftovers, and busy week school/work schedules.

Dinners Only, or A Full Weekly Meal Plan

We put together a full meal plan for each day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you can choose to just make dinners if you prefer to eat leftovers throughout the week. Our grocery shopping lists are written so you know what to get for the full week or just dinners.

Printable Recipes

Each recipe on the menu has a printable 8x11 sheet so you can insert it into a binder for easy reference. Build your recipe library throughout the year for special occasions, or when you want to swap out a menu item!

Grocery List

We assemble what you need from the grocery store from each of the recipes in the menu. There is also space to add additional things you may need for your pantry or special meals.

Calendar with Prep Notes

Ever realize you need more time to marinate something for tonight's meal? No More! Our prep notes will tell you what needs to be done the day before or what can be saved for meals later in the week.

Personalized Menu Plans - COMING SOON!

You want choices, sometimes you want us to do the work, and other times you want to choose your meals - we listened! Our new meal planner is coming soon - you'll be able to choose from all our recipes and then assign them to your meal calendar for the week, and the recipes and grocery lists will automatically be created for you!

Monthly Membership

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  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Calendar
  • Prep Notes
  • Grocery Lists
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